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Tsuka G2 Matte 3K Carbon Handle System - Complete Kit


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Winner of ICAST 2020’s Best Fishing Accessory, the G2 Tsuka Handle System is the most advanced rod handle ever produced. While fishing rod blanks have improved through modern advances in carbon and resin systems, handles have remained relatively static using EVA or cork grips with nylon/plastic seats. The new Tsuka Handle is the pinnacle of component design offering a complete integrated system utilizing the same carbon material used in the best fishing rod blanks to finally offer a handle worthy of the modern blank technology used in premium fishing rods.

TSUKA-SPGC-M3K-B Matte 3K Gloss Black 14mm / 0.55" 450.9mm / 17.75"
TSUKA-SPGC-M3K-MB Matte 3K Matte Black 14mm / 0.55" 450.9mm / 17.75"
TSUKA-SPGC-M3K-S Matte 3K Silver 14mm / 0.55" 450.9mm / 17.75"


   HCC Hand Crafted Carbon hand laid, blow-molded, polished 3K carbon seat

·          G2 Matte 3K carbon split grip handles on a 3K carbon tube

·         Three trim finishes available: Gloss black, matte black, and silver.

·         First ever complete 3K carbon handle system

·         Can be added to rod blank for building or retro-fit on completed rod

·         Handle can be cut to custom lengths

·         Slim, ergonomic designs for comfort and control

·         Light weight

·         Added strength

·         Increased vibration sensitivity