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Rainshadow Revelation RX7 Slow Jigging Blanks - (REVSJ)

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Rainshadow Revelation RX7 Slow Jigging Blanks - REVSJ

Slow jigging is becoming the way to catch pressured saltwater fish. This is a very relaxed and calculated approach to catch several species. We are offering ten models that cover a wide range of bait weights. All models feature our RX7 Toray material and durable thick-walled designs that are small diameter, yet offer strength and sensitivity. Featuring a custom carbon Diamond Poly Helix for added strength and lifting power.

Model                         Color      Length  Pcs Line Lure                                         Butt     TipTop Action Power Weight Application

REVSJ66L-CW-CG Clear Gloss 6'6"     1          12-25lb. 60-80g / 2-3oz.         0.358 5.0            M             L          1.6oz. Saltwater Slow Jigging

REVSJ66ML-CW-CG Clear Gloss 6'6"      1          15-30lb. 80-100g / 3-4oz.     0.367 5.5             M            ML  1.9oz. Saltwater Slow Jigging

REVSJ66M-CW-CG Clear Gloss 6'6"      1          20-40lb. 100-200g / 4-7oz. 0.384 6.0            M             M          2.3oz. Saltwater Slow Jigging

REVSJ66MH-CW-CG Clear Gloss 6'6"     1          25-50lb. 200-300g / 7-10oz. 0.392 6.0            M            MH  2.6oz. Saltwater Slow Jigging

REVSJ66H-CW-CG Clear Gloss 6'6"      1          30-60lb. 300-400g / 10-14oz. 0.419 6.5            M              H  2.9oz. Saltwater Slow Jigging

REVSJ70L-CW-CG Clear Gloss 7'0"     1          12-25lb. 60-80g / 2-3oz.         0.370 5.0            M              L          1.8oz. Saltwater Slow Jigging

REVSJ70ML-CW-CG Clear Gloss 7'0"     1          15-30lb. 80-100g / 3-4oz.         0.380 5.5            M             ML  2.2oz. Saltwater Slow Jigging

REVSJ70M-CW-CG Clear Gloss 7'0"     1          20-40lb. 100-200g / 4-7oz. 0.385 5.5            M              M  2.5oz. Saltwater Slow Jigging

REVSJ70MH-CW-CG Clear Gloss 7'0"     1          25-50lb. 200-300g / 7-10oz. 0.405 6.0            M             MH  2.8oz. Saltwater Slow Jigging

REVSJ70H-CW-CG Clear Gloss 7'0"     1          30-60lb. 300-400g / 10-14oz. 0.422 6.5            M               H  3.6oz. Saltwater Slow Jigging

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