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Rainshadow Revelation RX7 Crankbait Blanks

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Rainshadow Revelation RX7 Crankbait Blanks - Satin Black Finish (Some available in SC Carbon or Seafoam Green)

Model Color Length Pcs Line Lure Butt TipTop Action Power Weight Application
REVCB70M Satin Black 7'0" 1 8-14lb. 1/4-5/8oz. 0.400 4.5 M M 1.8oz. Small crankbaits and topwaters
REVCB70MH Satin Black 7'0" 1 10-20lb. 3/8-1oz. 0.430 5.0 MOD-F MH 1.9oz. Large crankbaits & topwaters
REVCB76M Satin Black 7'6" 1 8-14lb. 1/4-5/8oz. 0.410 5.0 M M 2.0oz. Small crankbaits and topwaters
REVCB76MH Satin Black 7'6" 1 10-20lb. 3/8-1oz. 0.470 5.5 MOD-F MH 2.3oz. Large crankbaits & topwaters

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