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Matagi EVA & Cork Foregrip for KDPS17, KDPS18, KDPS20 & KDPS22


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Matagi EVA Foregrip for KDPS18, KDPS20 & KDPS22

4 sizes in stock in EVA - Cork only for KDPS22

(EVA) E-17KF (Fits KDPS17) 

(EVA) E-18KF  (Fits KDPS18) 28.3mm D  71mm H

(EVA) E-20KFS  (Fits KDPS20) 30mm D  38mm H 

(EVA) E-22KFS (Fits KDPS22) 32mm D  44.5mm H

(CORK) C-22KFS (Fits KDPS22) 32mm D  44.5mm H