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Justace PEGK-FACS16KSI15M Premium Casting Grip Kit


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Premium grip kit using Just Ace custom-made Fuji Kogyo painted ACS reel seats. The reel seat color is solid black (glossy). specification ・Maximum inner diameter: 13mm ・Mesh carbon hood (silver ring) ・EVA (Black) ・Mesh carbon pipe 380mm * Rear ring and winding check are gunmetal color. * End cap is not included. * The reel seat hood (KN hood) used is IC color (I.P. Shiny Gray finish). ★ Please note ★ ■ Each grip kit is not glued, so please glue it when using. ■ "Maximum inner diameter" is the inner diameter of the carbon pipe. ■ "Rear grip length" is the length of the rear grip. It is not the total length.