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Justace Carbon Monocoque Grip


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An integrally molded carbon monocoque grip that combines the special manufacturing method "Muscular Cyclone Technology" and "4-axis carbon" that is also required for high-end model Just Ace blanks. It's incredibly strong, light, and sensitive. Instead of gluing the grip to the carbon pipe as in the past, the pipe and grip are integrated with the same carbon material, so the vibration transmitted from the blank can be amplified in the grip and felt directly. * End caps are sold separately. ★ Caution ★ ■ Since only clear paint is applied to the special manufacturing method, there are places where the carbon looks white depending on the viewing angle, but it is not defective. ■ Please note that due to the manufacturing process, there is a taper in the straight part with an outer diameter of 13 mm (Ō/D1), and the closer you get to the outer diameter side (Ō/D2 side), the more 13 mm or more. ■ Please note that there is a slight error in the size.