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Fuji NHSS Spinning Reel Seat - TCH (Titanium Carbon Hybrid)


Fuji's new flagship reel seats THC - Titanium Carbon Hybrid technology. 

These are stiff, made out of High Modulus carbon, perfectly fitted for a true custom rodbuilding project. 

Next-generation pipe seats are now available from the TCH series!
Reduce unpleasant steps with the world's first "barrier-free system"!

Next-generation global standard for 1 nut type pipe sheet

The "barrier-free system" is the new standard of Fuji pipe seats.

The world's first hybrid hood of long fiber carbon reinforced resin and titanium

・Unique design that fuses the characteristics of both materials and maximizes them

・By combining both materials, the strength is increased by about 10% compared to the resin alone.

・Weight reduction and strength improvement in different dimensions

Fuji's original design "L-shaped key structure" (PAT.P) that creates 3 different-dimensional reel fixing power

Even stronger reel fixation strength compared to DPS

High-strength material, ultimate thin-walled design + different dimension sensitivity created by "thin film area" (PAT.P)


C-NHSS Ultralight Table