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Fuji Perfect Fit Double Stripe Winding Checks


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Fuji Perfect Fit Double Stripe Winding Checks

Part WCH-D: Fits any grip with an end diameter of 19mm or greater. WCH-D is a double stripe Winding Check that measures 19mm in OD X 4mm X 10 different ID’s to match the diameter of your blank. Measure your blank diameter and order the next larger size that fits. Add color to the end of stock number: G = Gold • S = Silver • R = Red • B = Blue

Bank Diameter         Winding Check SIZE

Under 9mm                     WCH090D

9.1mm to 9.4mm             WCH095D

9.5mm to 9.9mm             WCH10D

10mm to 10.4mm            WCH105D

10.5mm to 10.9mm         WCH11D

11.1mm to 11.4mm         WCH115D

11.5mm to 11.9mm         WCH12D

12mm to 12.4mm         WCH125D

12.5mm to 12.9mm         WCH13D

13mm to 13.4mm         WCH135D

13.5mm to 13.9mm   WCH14D

14mm to 14.4mm         WCH145D

14.5mm to 14.9mm         WCH15D

15mm to 15.4mm         WCH155D