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Fuji MN Medium Duty CC Gunmetal/SiC Cast/Spin Top


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Fuji MN Medium Duty Cast/Spin Top- Gunmetal frame - SiC ring 

MN Tops are available in sizes from a 5 ring up to a 16, making them ideal for any application where added holding power is beneficial. Unique ”tang” design allows an extra measure of security by allowing a wrap to actually help hold the tip in place rather than being strictly decorative. Long ring-frame braces add protection from tangles and a high entry on the ring adds strength to the overall design.

MN Style Tops add the extra insurance of a wrapping tang for micro tops. Boosting strength in small tops used on micro rods is a challenge faced by all micro rod builders. MN tops give you the confidence to know that a size 5 tip will stay put for seasons to come.