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Fuji KBSG Gunsmoke/SiC Belly Guide

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Fuji KBSG - Gunsmoke SS frame - Silicon Carbide (SiC) ring - Single foot belly guide

K-Series guide trains of all kinds have a few things in common. The specialized KB Guide, for example, is used as the choke point guide and mid-section casting guide in every K-Series guide train specified. And, all KB’s are fol- lowed by the standard KT running guide, a strong, lightweight guide that pairs perfectly with other K-Series. The KB and KT are listed here, and will be repeated as guides used in KR Concept rods as well.

Documented high stress in mid-rod areas led Fuji to develop the big-footed KB "belly" guide. It is indispensable in taming torque stresses in the mid-rod section of casting rods. Fuji recommends up to 3 KB guides on MH and H power casting rods.

Use as a choke guide on spinning rods and up to 3 on casting rods.

Above size 6 there is no need for the KB, the KT foot is large enough.