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Forecast "Deep-Flex" Slow Pitch Fighting Butt Grip (Less Butt Cap)


The  innovative  new  Forecast  Deep-Flex  split  grip  handle  system  will  maximize  the 

performance of your next slow pitch rod build. These EVA split grips feature integrated shims 

that recess deep into each end of the reel seat, filling the interior void almost completely and 

creating a flexible yet durable bond to the rod blank. This allows the slow pitch rod blank to 

flex completely from tip to fighting butt and eliminates the potentially damaging fulcrums 

created by standard grip configurations that can impede rod flex and reduce durability. In 

addition to the performance benefits of Forecast Deep-Flex split grips, the integrated shims 

also make the rod handle assembly process quick and easy.

Choose multiple split grip length options ranging from 1.5” to 4” that can be paired with the 

matching 9” fighting butt and cap. All grips are available in black or gray camo EVA. Split 

grip models fit seamlessly with Forecast GT trigger and GS spin reel seats, and area easily 

adaptable for use with other models. There are also four complete handle kits containing 

grips, butt cap, reel seat, and winding checks.