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Black Hole Cape Cod Special Jigging Blanks


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There are only 2 items left in stock.
There are only 2 items left in stock.

Experience the Power of High-End Nano Carbon

Product Description

Our Cape Cod Special Jigging Rods are not just fishing rods, they’re a testament to our commitment to quality and performance. Crafted with High-End Nano Carbon and WXW Wide X-Wrapping, these rods are incredibly lightweight yet boast enormous lifting power.

Proven Performance

Our 450g rod has proven its mettle by landing a 1,000 lb Bluefin Tuna in Prince Edward Island in just 1 hour on stand-up, with up to 60 lb drag. The rod’s parabolic design ensures less burden on your back during fights, making your fishing experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

New Additions

The 80g and 150g rods are designed with moderately fast action, balancing casting power and sensitivity. They have proven their worth by landing a variety of large fish. The 80g rod has been used to catch big Sharks, Halibut (up to 50 lb), Grouper, and small Tuna. The 150g rod has caught a 275 lb Halibut in Alaska and a 160lb Yellowfin Tuna in Mexico.

The 550g model is a new addition to the series. It weighs much lighter than other models due to the addition of more Nano Carbons than glass. This makes it much stronger and durable than the others, while still being lighter. The 550g is designed to target much bigger size fish in this series. It's perfect for tuna jigging and trolling. 

Our Recommendation

If you enjoy the thrill of light tackle for big fish, we highly recommend our Cape Cod Special Jigging Rods. Experience the difference today!

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